Turkish Breakfast

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A promising reason to get out of the bed: Turkish Breakfast

Turkish-style breakfast is not an ordinary “meal”. The keyword is: “abundance”. Served in tiny plates are various cheese, egg, sujuk (fermented sausage), tomatoes, cucumbers, cream, honey, tahini, grape molasses, jams and pastrami… There’s even more… Do not forget the Turkish bread that is on the table.

Breakfast for Turkish families, is not eating cereals or oat flakes in a hurry within the morning rush, but a tradition.

Definitely “TEA

There is definitely tea along with the breakfast. It’s impossible to imagine a breakfast without tea. Turks don’t have the habit of having a coffee in the morning. The first thing they do in the morning is brewing the tea. Tea is made in a pot called “demlik” (meaning brewing pot) and people wait for it to infuse. It is drunk throughout the breakfast.

Tea is drunk in small glass cups. In Turkey, tea is not only drunk with breakfast, as well. You can see people having a cup of tea anywhere, at any time of the day.

We don’t only love to drink it, but also to offer others. It is a tradition. In home visits, on the other hand, cake, börek (filled pastries) and cookies are served along with the tea. In some of the restaurants, waiters serve tea after the meal. They sometimes do it without asking because almost noone would say no to it. Especially drinking tea after the meal is a very common habit.

Though we are so fond of tea, Turkish coffee is also a favourite. It is drunk after drinking tea throughout the breakfast. The Turkish word for breakfast, “kahvaltı”, is a combination of two words: kahve-altı which mean under-coffee. As the Turkish coffee is strong and bitter, it is not drunk with an empty stomach, you need to eat before drinking Turkish coffee. That ‘s why, “kahvaltı” is under-coffee, which actually means before-coffee.

As breakfast is such an important and joyous meal, going out to a restaurant or some friends’ house for breakfast is a social activity. In Turkey, especially on weekends, restaurants serve breakfast. People go out to these restaurants generally with their friends and have breakfast for long hours.

Turks don’t leave restaurants right after eating because their purpose is not only eating there but also socializing. And this is done by having long chats at the table.

One of the famous poets of Turkey, Cemal Süreya says “I don’t know what you think about eating, but breakfast must have something to do with happiness”! Breakfast is his favourite meal and it makes him feel content. Especially if his table is crowded, just let him enjoy!