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What our customers say

– Grace Edwards

When my grandson was born last month and his Turkish grandparents flew in to London, we enjoyed Elif’s catering a number of times! We ordered a variety of items and each proved delicious. The food it high quality, beautifully presented, and well packaged. I highly recommend!!!

– Lisa Choi

I had never tasted Turkish food before, so I hesitated a little at first, but I soon found out that it was a useless concern. I met the expectation in my mouth with this wonderful Turkish cuisine while her kindness made me smile happy throughout the meal. I Love it!

– Karen Folkerson-Walton

Christmas can be a busy, sometimes stressful time, and it was a huge relief to have Turkish Kitchens come to my aid! Elif Genc, the proprietress of this catering service, offers a wide variety of sumptuous, prepared food. Her burek, simply the best I have ever tasted, was met by great enthusiasm when I presented it to my family. The potato/onion and cheese/spinach rolls were enjoyed by both vegetarian and non-vegetarian members, and the meat burek satisfied the cravings of my meat-loving children. The trays of baklava were devoured by the extended family on Christmas Eve, and some members took a few extra pieces with them when they left. We all agreed that the meatballs were the best we had ever had, flavored with the creative spicing that Elif brings to all her dishes. We used them in a variety of ways (sub sandwiches and pasta). Her cooked beef disappeared faster than I knew. Soon after the kids left, I went down to the freezer to retrieve one of the meat rolls for my husband and myself, and they were all gone, eaten without my knowledge, or quietly taken by my children, back to their own homes to be enjoyed. The various food that I had ordered was delivered exactly on time, to the minute, and all packaged professionally and easily, which meant storage and refrigeration was simple. Elif’s prices are competitive, and for the quality, remarkably inexpensive. I would not hesitate to use Turkish Kitchen again and recommend it to all who enjoy eating well.

– Amin Chehadi / Century 21

Eating Turkish Kitchen’s food a throw back to so many fond memories of travelling through Turkey. I absolutley love Turkey & Turkish Food! Which is why I’m so thrilled she has opened this service in London where we are severely lacking in that department. Her dishes are tasty, authentic and made with passion. The owners are kind, warm and never too busy to sit down and share some stories of there native land. Thank you guys & I’ll be back for more great food!

– Daesun Jang: / Korean Methodist Church

We met with her at our ESL class 3 years ago. Since that day we shared foods that she cooked at our class. After she run catering company we ordered for our church’ s worship and thrift sale organizations and the result was amazing. Our Korean American community loved delicious Turkish foods.

– Angela Jin / School Bus Driver in London

Since we met Turkish Kitchen we had no idea about Turkish foods. But now we prefer to order from Turkish Kitchen for especially our special days. We ordered puffy pastry cakes for christmas dinner and our guest were very impressed . Thank you for delicious foods and introducing us to Turkish dishes.

– Francesca Garcia / Uceda Language School

We ordered from Turkish Kitchen for organizations in our language school. We have lots of students all around the world and they all loved the taste and were so pleased. Thank you Turkish Kitchen for this great experience.

– Eun Jin Choi / Japanese Teacher in London

Everything was absolutely perfect! The catering was delivered on time .The portions were excellent and generous. We will definitely cater with you again. Quality of food were amazing. Also, please note that your customer service is amazing!

– Sally Kang / Sally’s Nail Saloon

We ordered for our customers and friends meetings. We always feel so lucky for meeting Turkish Kitchen. In addition to this, it all tasted delicious and there were lots of compliments. Thank you so much for the food and advice in ordering!