Karaca Turkish Coffee Cups Set ( Set of 6)


Content: 6 coffee cups, 6 saucers
Material: Porcelain

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Karaca Nakkas Porcelain Turkish Coffee Cup Boxed Set with 6 Cups and 6 Saucers
“Sometimes Turkish coffee is consumed for relaxation and sometimes for pleasure … You can serve Turkish coffee with the Karaca Iznik Coffee Cup Set for 6 people, which is the only presentation beauty when it is in the consistency of foam, coffee grounds and sugar.
Presentation of coffee is as important as its taste. Karaca Iznik Coffee Cup Set is suitable for the presentations of sparkling, fragrant Turkish coffees, appealing to all tastes … Patterns embroidered with blue color on white porcelain add aesthetics to the set. There are blue flowers on the cups, which are slightly elongated and have round lines. The handle of the cup is completely covered in a bright gold color, allowing the pattern of the set to be revealed more. A circle is created using the same blue flowers on the cup mats. You can browse our category for the Cake Set that can be used in the catering service, suitable for this coffee cup set, which has a flamboyant design. “”
Karaca Iznik Set of 6 Coffee Cups