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Lahmacun (a pizza with spicy meat filling), pide (pita) and burek (filled pastries) are the favourite pastries of Turkish cuisine. Also a vast diversity emerges when pilaf and pastas are included in this category.

Lahmacun and pides are generally prepared in restaurants by oven baking. Specialized lahmacun and pide bakeries are emerged due to their high popularity.

Burek, however, can be prepared both at home and and bakeries. Having numerous varieties, burek can be prepared via frying or oven baking methods. Again, there are specialized burek bakeries. Minced meat, cheese and spinach are among the most common fillings. Bureks are prepared at home using either ready-made or home made phyllo dough. Su böreği (kind of burek that has multiple thin layers), which requires quite a big amount of labor on the other hand, involves the homemade phyllo dough to be boiled in the water.