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First of all “welcome” to our cuisine… Then please have a sit of honor place of our table.

In our cultural values, our guests are not asked “What do you eat?”. The table is set up after a few hours of the arrival of the guest and the guest is seated to the seat of honor of table. I’m likely sense that you’re asking “Where is the seat of honor of table?”. Yes, it’s where the our guest sits.

Turkish cuisine that is one of the world’s leading cuisines (like China, Italian, French, Mexican) is Turkey’s national cuisine. Turkish cuisine, which is the heir of the Ottoman cuisine with its products that differentiating from the region to the region, affected the Balkan and Middle Eastern cuisines and it was also affected by these cuisines.

Turkish Cuisine consists of dishes prepared with grain, various vegetables and a variety of food that prepared juicy and with meat, soups, olive oil and pastries and self-grown herbs; it has also revealed its distinctive types of healthy food like molasses, yogurt, bulgur etc.

According to the taste map that involves 81 provinces, Turkey, has rich cuisine that consisting of 2205 varitied of local food and drink. The city, which has the richest cuisine with 291 kinds of food, dessert and drinks in Turkish cuisine, is Gaziantep.Turkish cuisine varies according to regions. Many regions such as Black Sea cuisine, Southeastern cuisine, and Central Anatolian cuisine have a rich food chamber.