Meat Dishes

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Most of the meat dishes in the Turkish cuisine are kebabs, meatballs and meat stew dishes. Meat in Turkish cuisine is prepared primarily in 4 ways:

  • – Grilling over wood or coal fire method (kebabs, grilled meatballs)
  • – Frying method (Roasts, fried meatballs)
  • – Oven baking method (Casserole)
  • – Pot method (meat dishes cooked in a closed pot)

Kebabs are generally dishes that are eaten in the restaurants and prepared with grilling method. Among the most popular kebabs are döner kebab and its derivative İskender kebab, Adana kebab, shish kebab and Urfa kebab.

Meatballs are dishes that are prepared by kneading minced meat, crumbs, onion and several spices together. It can be prepared via grilling, baking, frying or stewing. İnegöl meatball and Sultanahmet meatball are among the favourites.

Among the stew dishes are; casserole, Kağıt Kebabı (lambkebab in baking paper), various types of stews with vegetables and ragouts. Also, there are many fish, chicken and offal dishes in Turkish cuisine.