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Turkish cuisine is such a rich world cuisine when it comes to desserts. Turkish desserts vary a lot. Pastry-based desserts like baklava, kadayıf, lokma; milk based desserts like muhallebi, keşkül, kazandibi; fruit stew and compostes, semolina based desserts like Revani and Helva, Aşure and Kabak Tatlısı (pumpkin with syrup) constitutes a wide range of desserts.

Baklava is one of the most renowned desserts of the Turkish cuisine. It is prepared by sweetening the baked thin phyllo dough layers filled with nut, walnut or pistachio with a sherbet. Tel kadayıf, on the other hand, prepared with a dough that is sold in very thin strands and filled with similar fillings as in baklava to be baked in oven and sweetened again, with sherbet.

Milk-based desserts are prepared by toughening the milk that is boiled with sugar by using starch, rice or rice flour. Kazandibi, on the other hand, is an interesting Turkish dessert that is obtained via caramelising the dessert that is prepared like muhallebi. Tavuk Göğsü, as well, is a milk-based dessert and contains shredded chicken breast.

Semolina is used in desserts like Revani and İrmik helvası. Aşure, which has a special place in various beliefs in Turkey, is prepared using several herbal ingredients like wheat, dried grape, beans and chickpeas. Kabak Tatlısı is prepared via cooking pumpkin with sugar. It is a dessert that belongs to Turkish cuisine and preferred mostly in fall and winter.