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14 Mar 2019 no comments turkishkitchen

Soups are an essential part of the Turkish cuisine, especially in winter months. Lentil Soup, Ezogelin Soup, Yoghurt Soup and Tarhana Soup are the most preferred soups. However, Turkish cuisine contains several others besides these. Meats, vegetables and legumes are the main ingredients of the soups. Broth, flour, yoghurt and vermicelli are used to turn them into a soup.

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Our Tastes

14 Mar 2019 no comments turkishkitchen

First of all “welcome” to our cuisine… Then please have a sit of honor place of our table.

In our cultural values, our guests are not asked “What do you eat?”. The table is set up after a few hours of the arrival of the guest and the guest is seated to the seat of honor of table. I’m likely sense that you’re asking “Where is the seat of honor of table?”. Yes, it’s where the our guest sits.

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