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Besides the universally liked carbonated drinks, beer and fruit juices; Turkish cuisine has its own collection of authentic beverages. Ayran, which is made by mixing yoghurt with water is completely unique to Turkey. Moreover, boza, turnip juice and sherbet are among the specialties of Turkey’s cold beverage culture.

Amongst the hot beverages, Turkish coffee and Turkish tea take up a remarkable space. Turkish coffee is prepared by boiling the roughly grinded coffee in a long stemmed pot called “cezve”. World renowned Turkish coffee is served in small cups called “fincan”. Turkish tea is a hot beverage that has taken the throne from coffee today. It is prepared using ground tea with a teapot or a “semaver” (a traditional tea urn). It is served in tea glasses with thin waist. Turkish tea, also, is renowned around the world for its preparation method.

Among the alcohol drinks, rakı is the most preferred. It is achieved through a process in which the alcohol that is obtained from grapes is distilled two or three times with annise. It is the historic alcohol drink that dates back to old times. Though they come up from behind, beer and wine is also gaining popularity. Turkish wine that is made out of local grapes has started to get famous throughout the world.